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Union College Concert Series: The City Harmonic

  • March 25, 2016
  • 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • College View SDA Church

To fully understand The City Harmonic, you have to take a look at the city and season that made this band possible. A real time: 2007. A real place: Hamilton, Ontario, a blue-collar steel town withering in decline, with high unemployment and hungry children in some of the poorest, most run-down neighborhoods in the country.

Seeing the need, a group of small churches from various denominations calling themselves TrueCity begin to meet, pray, and work together for the good of the city–inspiring Christian students to work together in the same way. They begin gathering and serving dozens of non-profit groups in downtown Hamilton and reconvening for a raucous night of worship in music, fueled by worship of a different kind–the life-changing sweat and tears of urban mission.

While the songbooks of the Church are so often filled with the songs and stories of large individual congregations, when it comes to Elias Dummer, Eric Fusilier, Josh Vanderlaan and Aaron Powell, their modern hymns and songs for worship are instead fueled by this ‘together for the good of the city’ ethos that bonded The City Harmonic in the first place—an eclectic group of musicians and church leaders collected from small, local churches.

So it only makes sense that one of the first things the band did was to write “Manifesto,” a rallying cry to center believers from all walks of life on the core tenets of the faith, on the glue that holds us all together. In an age where church leaders publicly dismiss each other left and right, the band was saying: ‘This isn’t how family is supposed to be,’ reminding us that we have crucial beliefs we agree on, all while living and thriving in the tension of Church unity.

Today, two full-length albums later—with many accompanying awards and radio successes—The City Harmonic continues to grapple with the struggle of everyday people, crafting it into anthems of longing, hope and yes, even celebration in the midst of it all. “It’s easy in the craziness of making music to lose sight of why you started,” Elias says. “But we’ve been through a lot together. We’ve traveled the world in a way we never expected and we’ve seen the beauty of Christ working through this crazy, diverse family we have called the Church. But that hasn’t been without pain…”

"We’ve seen first-hand how powerful it is when the Church works in unity,” says Elias. “Christ changes us every day and Christ is changing our hometown. Hamilton is becoming a seriously hope-filled place. This place where being a part of the Church is an exciting, vibrant thing. There are now Christians actively working at every level of commerce, artists, business-people, these innovative not-for-profit cafes, all popping up in traditionally poor neighborhoods, and somehow much of the Church has learned to support this and live in the tension, humbly holding our core creedal beliefs together with sleeves rolled and hands dirtied with the real work of worship, discipleship, and mission. It’s this thing that brought us together. This is our story. And if we can somehow inspire the Church around the world to do the same—if God can somehow use the hymns and spiritual songs of a band of church guys from small churches in a steel-town to do that—well, that’s more than we could ever have hoped or imagined.”

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