Community Resources

How we help!

Since the creation of the association, the CVNA has strived to be a conduit for dialogue in the community. We have done this over the years in various ways. We were created after the completion of a multi-modal transportation study in partnership with the City of Lincoln Planning Department. We have worked with the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department on plans for the parks in our community. We have also worked with leaders of the Calvert Rec Center, the local Honu House, and various business owners on how best to serve our community. Being a conduit for open dialogue is the goal we continue to strive for. If you see an opportunity for us to get involved, do not hesitate to contact us.


We work with Community Organizations

  • Calvert Rec. Center
  • Union College
  • College View SDA Church
  • Honu House

We work with Community Businesses

  • Sunday Farmers Market at College View
  • A small consortium of business owners
  • Actively recruit new businesses as spots become available

We work with Civic Organizations

  • The Mayor’s Round Table Discussions
  • Interact with the leaders of the Police substation in our community
  • Lincoln Parks and Rec
  • Lincoln Planning Department

Useful Links

Below are web links to various organizations, people, or places that affect our neighborhood.
If you would like to suggest an addition to these, please let us know.